Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique

Global Health Alliance Institute provides a certification course in Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique. This course has been developed to train Pharmacist, Pharmacist Interns, Pharmacy Technicians/Trainees on the topic of sterile product preparation and aseptic technique. This important work requires mastery of aseptic technique for successful preparation of compounded sterile parenteral preparations and knowledge of procedures that ensure patient safety and consistent, pathogen-free products to pharmacy personnel in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare.

The majority of pharmacy settings require IV certification and/or prior experience for employment.  Global Health Alliance Institute provides job opportunities and assists in placement for residency programs. We strive to provide the best opportunities to our participants. Thus, all current/past participants are welcome to schedule additional time to practice aseptic technique skills at NO additional cost!

The Sterile Compounding for Aseptic Technique training course is ACPE accredited for 40.0 hours (4.0 CEUs) of credit and meets the national USP <797> regulations in addition to the newly passed Texas State Board of Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Rules 291.133.

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The complete course provides issuance of course textbook, course materials, course resources, comprehensive instruction and training that consists of a knowledge-based Home-Study (20.0 hours and 2.0 CEUs) and practice-based Live Component (20.0 hours and 2.0 CEUs).
UAN# 0840-0000-17-002-B04-P (Pharmacists), UAN# 0840-0000-17-002-B04-T (Technicians) 

Target Professionals

– Pharmacists
– Pharmacist Interns
– Certified Pharmacy Technicians/Trainees

Course Details

The course requirements include:
– 14 Home Study Modules
– 2 Days of Hands-On Training
– 9 Process Technique Validations

DISCLAIMER: Global Health Alliance Institute makes no warranties of any kind and shall not be held liable for any special, consequential or other damages that result in whole or part from the participant’s use of or reliance on the course supplies and materials. By following the guidelines and instructions contained in this course, the participant willingly assumes all risks incurred in connection with the course and with such instructions.