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Global Health Alliance Institute provides education, training and national certifications in the medical, nursing, pharmacy and healthcare fields for professionals working in medical hospitals, community medical facilities and pharmacies.  GHAI provides on-site training at our facility and off-site training across the US.

Global Health Alliance Institute offers accredited programs for Home-Study courses, Hands-on training, and test preparation required to complete national certification requirements. The courses and training programs are designed to effectively help healthcare professionals achieve their career goals. Global Health Alliance Institute provides job opportunities and assists in placement for residency programs.

Global Health Alliance Institute is also a testing facility where students can take a variety of national exams and receive their certification from one of the nation’s largest allied health certification providers. These certification ensure that you have met the nationally recognized measure of competency.

Send an information request to info@ghainstitute.org to schedule an appointment to see how you can become a certified healthcare professional!


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